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Missing your exchange student

Your student has been gone for maybe only a week possibly longer, and you find yourself missing them in your home. They will always be a part of your life, but there is deffinatly an emptiness now.

You may find that you do not hear from your student right away. Do not worry. Remember they have gone home to their natural family and friends who they have not seen in a very long time. They are also getting used to a different time zone again. This does not mean you should not try to email them. I suggest you do. Even if they do not answer right away, you can be sure they are seeing your email and reading it. And most likely very grateful for it.

missing your exchange student

Remember the good times

You and your family will also be adjusting to not having them in your home. If you have other children, you will find that they will adjust a lot easier than you will.  Especially if they are younger. They will still be sad, do not get me wrong, but the power of youth is on their side. Use their easy distractions to your advantage. It will help you. If you have older children be open with each other. Let them tell you how they are feeling and you tell them how you are missing your student as well. Remember the good times you all had.

As the months go on  you will possibly be back in better contact with your student, they will be excited to tell you about what they are doing now that they are back home. And they will also be eager to hear about what is going on with you and their friends from the last year.

Keep in contact! Share your new adventures and ask them about theirs. This is only the start of many possible new adventures for you all!

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