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Exchange Student World love stories. Real stories, not stories where a program have chosen the best ones that suits their mission. Here we tell them all. If you have a story to tell don't hesitate to contact Enjoy the stories!

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Differences between Swedish school and American high school

Differences between Swedish school and American high school

If you got 3 tardy you got detention. Luckily, I never got that. You call your teachers by their last names and I don't even know what their first names are. In Sweden it's the opposite. I barley know what my teachers last names are.

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Joining a varsity football team

Joining a varsity Football team as an exchange student

I was received like a family member by the big army containing big, small, heavy, light, tall, short and musculous players. From only knowing a handfull of people, I all of sudden became familiar with 90 new guys that all treated me like a brother.

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In love with my host brother

I fell in love with my host brother

After a couple of days of getting to know eachother as ”hostsiblings” I started to realize something else. Was he flirting with me? And, did I flirt back? You got it right.

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Exchange student with a birth defect

Exchange student even though you have a birth defect?

Difficulty breathing, bad colour and coordination results in a birth defect. I'm going to tell my story, the journey of my life, how I managed to go through a year of exchange despite from my disability.

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American football in High School

American Football in High School

It was several years since I was an exchange student but certain things you'll never forget. The American Football in High School was such a thing. This story is how I as an Exchange Student at Wamego High School experienced a Friday Night Game Day in the American Football team.

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Exchange Mania

Do you have Exchange Mania?

We all know it. You’ve sent your application and the only thing you have left to do now, is to wait. If you’ve applied early, we’re usually talking about many months of waiting. So what else is there to do, when you’re completely obsessed with the thought of going to another country for a whole year?

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