Community for high school exchange students and host families.

About Exchange Student World

About Exchange Student World

Welcome to Exchange Student World!

Exchange Student World is the place for us exchange students and host families to get inspired and share experiences.

Exchange student world is not a program, it's a place for inspiration. If you are looking for a program we have listed a great amount of them in our program guide section. 

A photo from the office in Stockholm, Sweden

Oscar in Stockholm


Get involved and help

Exchange Student World would love to have more people on board. If you are a person with tons of energy and want to inspire people all around the world write an email to and I, Oscar, will get back to you.


Tell your story

Exchange student world would love to publish more stories. If you have a story to tell about your exchange, don't hesitate to write it down and send it to I'm sure our visitors would love to read it!