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Expectations as a host family

Your Exchange Student has been notified that you have selected them! Now you really start to think about the next several months! You will of course have many expectations.

You and your student will have your own set of expectations. They might be similar they could be completely different. This is another one of those communication times. You will have expectations as for what you hope to gain from this experience as well as your expecations in your home. We will discuss rules in the next topic.

Why did you decide to host?? Perhaps you wish to learn more about another country and their culture. To offer a chance for your children to see how others live in other parts of the world. Maybe you do not have children of your own and thought this would be a great way to have one in your home without a huge life long commitment. Maybe your children have grown up and moved away and you miss having them around. No matter the reason this decision will open the door to many wonderful memories and adventures!

Everyone is different

Please keep in mind that what you are expecting from this experience may not always happen. After all everyone is different. Maybe you were expecting a quiet student who just studied and enjoyed a quiet evening with you, and then you picked a student who turns out to be very social and wants to have friends over and is always busy. Then again you could want a very active student and end up with one who prefers to just study and stay home. No matter what you can make each of these situations work. Talk to them. Let them know what your expectations are. Ask them theirs. By talking you should be able to come up with a compromise. And as always if you need help talk to your local representative if you need assistance.

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